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Chloe shares her love and light with every person in class, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. My favorite part of her teaching style is the insightful words and ideas she shares during the practice. Expect to gain a deeper perspective on important aspects of life. She is fully immersed in her passion and it radiates immensely!
— Jenna Kahn
We had an incredible workshop with Chloe! Her passion and knowledge for the practice of yoga radiates deeply. She worked closely with each attendee making sure they understood every movement and breathing practice clearly. Thank you for sharing your experiences from your journey within. Wholeness Chloe!
— Dane Bourdo
Chloe......my yoga teacher......healer and helper! What words can I say that describe how I feel!!!! If you could step inside my body...... it would tell it all!
I Loved the class! Breathing excersises are great! I will keep up the practice. Feel it actually in my abs!
— Cynthia Dubey